This gallery contains work from various group showings and other projects from both the past and the present.

1) Title: Tom Dooley & The Garuda Lion (2012).
Description: Mr. Dooley explains his position to a sympathetic presence.

2) Title: Tri-Acid Park (2012).
Description: Okay like in no way whatsoever am I advocating the casual usage of LSD… if not done properly that stuff can really drive you over the edge. But, if taken in the right setting, with the right people and emotional atmosphere, LSD can have some truly remarkable evolutionary properties… which are exactly what this painting is all about. However, one can evolve just as brightly with or without the burden of risky chemical additives… ultimately the choice is up to you. “WGAPT,” WWA Gallery, group show piece.

3) Title: Yami, Crushing Flowers (2012).
Description: Yami (the mistress of death) taking advantage of industrial technology. “Dark-Pop,” group show piece.

4) Title: Yama & The Dead of Antietam (2012).
Description: Yama (the lord of death) discerning souls of the American civil war. This piece is commentary on the heaviness/emotional pain of war, but it’s more of a warning than a protest. What I mean is, we all have a right to defend ourselves and (as long as it doesn’t interfere with another’s right to do so) we also have the right to live how we want to live. However, if by exercising these rights we find ourselves entangled by the tethers of hate, anger and fear we really haven’t solved much of anything, regardless of the outcome of any physical battles. What’s more, this emotional heaviness can follow us into the afterlife. There is hope though, which is what this painting is about, for even in the hereafter we still have a chance to face and rectify our misconceptions and self-defeating attitudes… a process which is rarely pleasant to go through but is always worth the liberation inherent in the end result.   
One last thing, people sometimes use the word “dark” to describe some of my work. I would like to use this piece to express my position on this… I don’t believe there is such a thing as dark art, i.e. art by its very nature is a light… it’s just that we sometimes chose to point that light in dark places.  “Juxtapoz 18,” group show piece.

5) Title: Song of Solomon (2011).
Description: The "Song of Solomon" is a Biblical passage often seen as a commentary on the nature of human desire and emotion, i.e. the fine line between lust & unconditional love.  This piece shows a farmer who is confronted and moved by the magnificence of nature on a daily basis, but can never interpret such without being diluted by the wanton object of his procreative yearning. “Geneses to Revelations,” group show piece.

6-10) Title: Selected Background Stills for Dead Meadow’s “Tree Kings” film. (2010).
Description: All six of these pieces were produced as backgrounds for the animation sequence in the live concert film “Three Kings” from the band Dead Meadow. They borrow from a diverse range of influences including: Arnold Böcklin, Grant Wood & Theodor Kittelsen.


1) Title: “Cassandrian Exodus” Fiver’s Foresight & The Long Hare of Death-1 (2011).
Description: This is the center piece in an ensemble of 5 images that revolve around R. Adams’ story: “Watership Down." These were included in the group show (curated by Greg Simkins at gallery 1988) entitled: "INLE.” They feature four drawings of rabbits from various social castes: Aristocracy, Priestly, Merchant and Peasant. I used traditional playing card suits (which is what they originally represent) to symbolize each of these classes. I also show these various suits sealed in jars to demonstrate that each of these four rabbits feel safe and secure in, but are existentially limited by their social roles. However, in the fifth/central drawing we see Fiver (the visionary of the story) challenged by the presence of death & class which he must negotiate and transcend if he is to fulfill his destiny. Finally, I’ve included the temple serpents (from the original Cassandra) licking Fiver’s ears clean and therefore providing him with the unfathomable, yet driving vision of things to come.

2) Title: “Cassandrian Exodus” Fiver’s Foresight & The Long Hare of Death-2 (2011).
Description:  Aristocracy caste. 

3) Title: “Cassandrian Exodus” Fiver’s Foresight & The Long Hare of Death-3(2011).
Description: Merchant caste. 

4) Title: “Cassandrian Exodus” Fiver’s Foresight & The Long Hare of Death-4 (2011).
Description: Priestly caste. 

5) Title: “Cassandrian Exodus” Fiver’s Foresight & The Long Hare of Death-5 (2011).
Description: Peasant caste. 

6-10) Title: Selected Character Comps for Dead Meadow’s “Three Kings” film. (2010).

11) Title:   The Burden of Modern Mobility (2008).
Description:  Carnivoria, L’imagerie Gallery, group show piece.

12) Title:  The Taste of Fuzzy Dice (2008).
Description:   Carnivoria, L’imagerie Gallery, group show piece.

13) Title:   Chance Dances With Cars (2008).
Description: A continuation on Grant Wood’s “Death on the Ridge Road,”Carnivoria, L’imagerie Gallery, group show piece.

    Copyright 2010          Charles Wish

   Copyright 2010          Charles Wish